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ELASTOSON lining – a new definition of comfort

ELASTOSON lining provides a new definition of comfort. The stretch lining easily adapts to each and every body motion and returns just as easily and reliably to its original fit.

ELASTOSON is used in parts of garments where the face fabric itself is elastic. The comfortable lining helps greatly to increase the shape stability of blazers, jackets, trousers and other garments.

ELASTOSON by Gebrüder Colsman meets the demands of end-users for a garment that is comfortable and in perfect form in all situations.

ELASTOSON lining – in perfect form and easy-care

Premium-quality stretch lining

The unique elastic quality of ELASTOSON is based on the use of high-quality acetate-Lycra. In addition, ELASTOSON is washable and antistatic, which greatly increases wearing comfort and ease of care.

Linings for the retail market

Linings made of ELASTOSON are also distributed to retail outlets, where they are in high demand.