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Colsman Creation

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Colsman Techtex

Product Management
Frank Schulte  

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Vertrieb Innendienst
Nicole Gronenschild

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GTT German Technical Textiles

Managing Director

George Yao 
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Ansprechpartner in Deutschland 
Klaus Schröder 
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Technical textiles and their applications - a textile future made by Colsman

An almost infinite variety of materials are designed and produced by Gebrüder Colsman in close cooperation with its clients. They range from textiles for the sunshading industry to technical textiles for power transmission belts and PU belts, from textile structural component reinforcement to fabrics for digital printing. Gebrüder Colsman weaves reinforced and flame-retardant fabrics as well as stretch fabrics. The textiles serve as reinforcement materials.

Clients of Gebrüder Colsman include, among others, various suppliers to well-known car manufacturers. Producers of high-quality sunshading solutions (interior sunshading) depend on innovative developments created by the textile experts in Essen-Kupferdreh.

From here, reinforced and flame retardant fabrics are sent off to be made into reinforcement materials for tarpaulins and rubber and are even sent to suppliers to the European aviation industry.

Technical textiles from the Colsman group

Technical textiles from Colsman Techtex

With its Techtex division in Essen, Gebrüder Colsman produces technical textiles for a wide range of applications.

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Technical textiles by GTT German Technical Textiles

At its subsidiary in the province of Hangzhou in China, GTT German Technical Textiles, Gebrüder Colsman produces both technical textiles and high-quality linings for the garment industry.

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